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 To help you know why.

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PostSubject: To help you know why.   Thu Feb 19, 2009 12:29 pm

So I know that this is sudden and upsetting, but it needed to be done so that we can do a full site cleanup and Rule fix. To those who are first time visitors to the fansite, I am sorry that you have to come and see it down, but know that on Wednsday June 17 it will be back up and running, and the discussions will be back up for you all.

I have made areas for you to "Have at it" cause I know i'd wanna rant and rave about how upset I am as well. Feel free, get it off your chest, just don't start directing it directly at anyone, just something like:

Damn! What the hell! Why did they have to go and do that! It was fine, I wasn't making issues neither were any of you! This is stupid. ..blah blah blah...

you get the picture..but try and avoid:

That fucking bitch Raschel did this, she is the reason that I'm stuck here, and she's fucking up the whole site! She's a little whore that needs to go to hell! Hear that Raschel? GO TO HELL!

Please, really, we're trying to make it a quick and painless thing. I'm sorry for the hassle, but like I said, feel free to rant here. Vent it all out now ^_^

(~House of Night Staff~)
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To help you know why.
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