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 Twilight 2.0{Needs new characters..asap}

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PostSubject: Twilight 2.0{Needs new characters..asap}   Mon Jun 15, 2009 3:59 pm


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Rickey wrote:
~{Fire}Chrys{Prince}~ wrote:
"Ok.." I said my goodbyes to him and the others as they drove me back to Arizona. We ordered a hotel room. A few days alater I got a distressed phone call from my motehr saying she was in need of my help. It was one of the three bad vamps. He told me to meet him at my old karate studio if I wanted to save my mother. I did so without lletting the others know. But it was a trick. "Scream for the camera, let Justin know exactly how the pain is.. Come on." "No!" I yelled back at him.. "I won't do it" Hew frowned "Fine, I'll make you." I punched my leg and it was instantly in pain, I screamed out.

I looked at the helpless kid on the flour staring up at me with horor."tell Justin to take revenge!" I hissed through my teeth. The window behind me shaterd and Justin flew into the room.
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Twilight 2.0{Needs new characters..asap}
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