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 Same rules apply!

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PostSubject: Same rules apply!   Thu Feb 19, 2009 12:35 pm

What is Role Playing?
Role playing is where you play out a story. Users will come up with an idea for a story and you will make your own characters. Users will make internal and external conflicts as they go along which could have to do with love choice or a war or anything.

Character Making
:bulletp: You must include the character’s name. It does not have to be your own. You can make up any name you want.
:bulletp: Yes, you may be more than one person. We encourage that you to not have more than 2 people since it does get confusing.
:bulletp: You must include a description of what the character looks like. You can either write a regular description or one of the usual and best methods of showing your character’s looks are to go to Photobucket and in the search bar type your search. The pictures are usually anime. You could search up anime boys or anime girls. When you find the picture you are looking for you click on the code bar where it says Direct Link. You copy the code and go back to the Role Play section on the House of Night Forums. In your reply, you click the Add A Picture button in the toolbar and paste the code there. After that is done you are finished with your description.
:bulletp: You must add your character's age.
:bulletp: In the threads of the different Role Plays you may be needed to add different information such as a power that you would like to have. The power could be turning invisible or controlling fire. It depends on what the creator of the thread has written.

God Modding
God Modding is where you control someone else’s character when they are away. There are rules that apply to God Modding.
:bulletr: Do NOT God Mode someone’s character unless the user gives you permission to do so.
:bulletr: If the user has left the forums for a long period of time then Private Message me telling me of the problem and I will tell you if God Modding will be allowed.

OOC Posts
To discuss ideas for the story, and how each others Characters' can/should react, or whether a Character does or does not know something, basically anything to do with the story being told, are permitted, and encouraged. However, when you do write out of character you must write in parentheses.

Role Play Topic Creators
:bulletpu: The Role Play Section will be closed once it reaches 50 topics, this allows for only one page and keeps the open ones active rather than letting them die quickly. Once the number decreases down significantly enough from 50 it will be re-opened so that more can be created.
:bulletpu: Each Role Player is only allowed to create three topics at one time, this leaves room for others to create topics as well.
:bulletpu: When making a thread, please include the names of all participants on the first page, Ex:

Topic Name: Texas HoN

Raschel wrote:
Okay so we have the Oklahoma HoN, lets have a Texas one. I know I'm too proud for my own good, but still. Regular rules apply to this. It is a literate RP. Meaning OOC (Out Of Chara) is in: (()) or {{}} or something that makes it obvious.
Okay all positions have been filled, if you would still like to join please send me a PM with your info and what you plan on doing as chara. I will PM you back on wheather we can fit that into the RP or not.

Main Person:Hamrick #47~James Reid
Nemisis Student: Air of Spirit~Grey
Friends (full): Raschel U-no-le~Raschel U-no-le; Kels_Kels~Kassey; Alexandria_Scorpio~Danielle Snow; Serenity~Isabella Moon; *~Katieasaur~*~Katie; Ethan's~Bestie~Kelly Noreign
Proffessors (full): Raschel U-no-le~Proffessor Jake; Kels_Kels~Adam Buhughto; WaterElementErin~Sophie Munted
High Priestess: WaterElementErin~Alyison Buhughto
Outside Charas(full): Ghostbear~Draven; Air of Spirit~Jessica Hernandez

Raschel wrote:

Characters so far:
Username: Raschel U-no-le
Name: Raschel U-no-le
Age: 19
Class Rank: Sixth Former
Persona: Outgoing and yet secritive, she tells a lot about herself but hides even more. She is also related to the infamous Zoey Redbird. They are cousins and look very similar, so she likes to dye her hair and change her looks. A lot.
Abilities: She has the afinity for air and can control the weather.
Apperance :

Dog: Duke:

Username: WaterElementErin
Name: Alyison Buhughto
Age: 365
Class: Drama - High Priestess
Abilities: affinity for water

Cat: Salem:

Username: Kels_Kels
Name: Kassey
Age: 16
Class Rank: Third Former
Persona: Very country. Cousins with Stevie Rae and doesn\\\'t know that she is dead yet.
Abilities: affinity for earth just like her cousin

Cat: Little Bit

Username: Serenity
Name: Isabella Moon
Age: 16
Class Rank: third former
Persona: Very sweet and out going Shaunees cousin. Very very sarcastic and loves to be around boys. Comes from the high society of Hollywood so she is very fashionable Smile
Abilities (if applicable): affinity for spirit and an incredible 5th sence
Apperance (picture please):

Cat: Illuna:

Username: Alexandria_Scorpio
Name: Danielle Snow
Age: 16
Class Rank: Third Former
Persona: She is related to Heath, but she is a fledging. She is out going and loves to party just like Heath. She has an addictive personality. She left her human boyfriend back home in Houston, so she is still sorda hooked on him. But, she wants someone new. She gets bored easily.
Abilities (if applicable): Her affinity is for Fire

Username: *~Katieasaur~*
Name: Katie
Age: 18
Class Rank: Fifth Former
Persona: just pretty much awesome lol
Abilities: new affinity, electricity

Username: Hamrick #47
James Reid
Sixth Former
Has an affinity for all 5 elements

Cat: Loren:

Username: Raschel U-no-le
Name: Professor Jake
Age: 132
Class: Equestrian Studies
Abilities: Can sense those with abilities and read thoughts

Cat: Gini

Username: Ghostbear
Name: Draven
Age: 19

Username: Kels_Kels
Name: Adam Buhughto(Alyisons husband)
Age: 366
Class: Music
Abilities: really good with music

Cat: Buck

Username: Ethan\'s_Bestie
Name: Kelly Noreign
Age: 17
Class Rank: 5th former
Persona: transfered from Oklahoma, Aphrodites sister

Class Rank: Sixth former
Persona: I have to be better than James
Abilities: Lure of voice, can tempt any girl he wants

Familiar: Bella:

Name: Prof. Sophie Munted
Age: 167
Class: Vamp. Soc.
Abilities:affinity for fire

Username: Air of Spirit
Name: Jessica Hernandez
Age: 31

:bulletbu: If a Role Play topic has no pages or has been inactive for 1-2 weeks then it will be deleted((warning will come before deletion)).
:bulletbu: If you create a role play but you have to leave after you create it then we can only make sure no one starts the role play for 36 hours.
:bulletbu: If a role play is unable to go on then please Private Message me and I will be take it out of the section.
:bulletbu: Sex scenes are not allowed, I understand that some RPs will get to that style of a point, but remember, we have younger readers and RPers, so if it does come to that, take it to PMs. You will have 3 warnings before you are banned. I will not stand for it. You may say something short and sweet to get the point across, like: We continued the kiss and found our way to the back room where we mated. Or you could say made love, or whatever floats your boat, but no intricate details.
:bulletbu: Please remember that while you may be on with one other member of an RP, there are others in that RP and that is most often how topics die, by people not wanting to read 10 pages of hugging and kissing and I love you’s. Please try and keep it to a limit of 2 pages of one on one time then wait for others to rejoin you. Feel free to create a thread just for you two and that one scene that you can just link to, that is fine with me, once that scene is done I can move it to the Finished RP area and the link will still work to it and that way people can keep up and you can still do something while online. If it gets to be a thing lots of people do, I may add a separate section just for it. We’ll just have to see.

There is a section just for Finished RPs. These completed RPs would be good examples if you would like to see what you must do and how to do it.

If you have any questions feel free to Private Message Raschel.
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Same rules apply!
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