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PostSubject: Evermore.......   Mon Jun 15, 2009 4:16 pm


Hasnt started and needs more characters
Hi this RP is going to be based on the book Evermore.
What it's about:Ever's family ,her parent's,sister and dog where killed in a car accident,
Ever was the only one who lived. After the accident Ever could read people's mind's and tell by their aura(the color around them) what mood they were feeling. There was one other thing Ever's dead sister , Rilley kept coming and visiting her,she said it was because she didn't cross the bridge to heaven. Her friend's Haven and Miles don't know anything about this,nor does anyone else. Everything changes when Ever meet's Damen,the new kid at school. Ever start's falling in love with him but eventually finds out he is immortal,and that he can also read mind's just like her.
He is also the one who saved her from dying in the car accident. But there is a problem,Drina, Damen's wife(By the way her and Damen can live forever) get's jealous because Ever was apparently re born and re born every few years and Drina is always the one to kill her.The only reason Drina kills her is because she is simply jealous. but this time love kills Drina because she has no heart,all Ever had to do was punch drina derectly where her heart should have been, because it was already weakened by the love between Damen and Ever.

Drina:immortal , Played by:

Damen:immortal , Played by:

Ever:imortal , Played by:Rickey

Haven:human , Played by:Evra's girl

Miles:human , Played by:

Rilly:ghost , Played by:

I call Ever!
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