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 Tied all together~Need Other.~[Started!]

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PostSubject: Tied all together~Need Other.~[Started!]   Mon Jun 15, 2009 4:24 pm

Sharon the Warrior!

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.Its.Jess. wrote:
I walked through the woods, ready for a fight. I could hear fighting, and knew that if others like me, hunters, were there, they could most likely use back up. I passed the lake and saw a girl. She seemed troubled. Forgetting about the hunters and whatever they had found, I ran twords the girl.
"You okay?" I asked hesitantly. The girl didnt seem like one of the fairy tail creatures I hunted, but she did seem familliar.

Sharon the Warrior! wrote:
I stop in my tracks as I heard a voice. I turned around to see this girl. I could tell she was a hunter. " Yeah I am fine. I just got this colore on. It was a joke and now the colore is stick around my neck. I can't get it off." I said as I tryed to pulled on the colore. I couldn't beleive I was acting like a dum animal. I looked at the girl unsure if she could tell what I was or not. I was hopeing that she couldn't see or reaciozed my face seeing as Master Jeager was well know amoug hunters.
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Tied all together~Need Other.~[Started!]
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