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 Bathe in Blood (preferably anime characters plz)

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PostSubject: Bathe in Blood (preferably anime characters plz)   Mon Jun 15, 2009 6:20 pm


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~Evras girl~ wrote:
I saw the whole thing. I started crying. I was so stupid to think that because Haven kissed me that meant he loved me the way I loved him. ''I want to go home'' I said as I wipped my tears. I tried to stand but I fell to the ground. I cried out from the pain in my leg. Stupid broken leg.... I thought to myself

Usui_Zero wrote:
I saw it too, and went forward to help her. "Des, don't worry it'll heal soon. If you believe in magic, it will work better. Don't worry, he has problems, but looks like his problems are over. Now we need to run, I'll teleport you along, stop me if you have dizzy spell alright? I need to get back to the dorms, I'll send you back first if you want to. I know you feel. Here, take this." I passed her the cup of soft drink. "Just think of what you want, what you're craving for. You think, and so it becomes." I told her, constantly casting frantic glance over my shoulders, hoping the shadow witches haven't caught up for us. "That drink will make you forget him momentarily. "We both need to escape, because they recognize your aura as well. Danger." I explained hastily.

I got out of the restroom and return to my dorm. I knew where she was, exactly. Being a nosy parker and telling me off. I thought.
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Bathe in Blood (preferably anime characters plz)
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