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 ~LA La La la la BLAH~

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Ugly Spaz-Tard

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PostSubject: ~LA La La la la BLAH~   Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:29 pm

If I only had a brain.

A lion is the king of the jungle.
My momma said to pick the very best one and you are not it!

Sha..Duh......This is great.....lah-lah.......
Lions, and Tigers No forums O My! Is, uh
Eeyore, uh... What is
Eeyore. You know......a
Pillow would be very comfy right now.. I would be happy.
You all know what is funny?

I JUST sent you a coded message. It is a completely retarded thing, but I'm bored...I thought it would be fun.. It was....

It is really easy.... it is a sentence...

Sentence :
A complete thought or idea with punctuation....(at least that is what was on a poster in our classroom. Our teach made us say it over and over....Goodness I have a bunch of things imprinted into my brain like that **lightbulb** I HAVES A STORY IDEA!)
YAY! I'm gonna go write it down for tommorrow TODAY!

^^^^was not apart of the coded message... Just the ranting.

Just incase y'all was wondering what this was about..... It was about the fact that I'm going crazy...(no site no vent) ((but of course i'm a spaz **grumbles**

O! ^^^^^^was ranting, too!
Can you find the
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PostSubject: Re: ~LA La La la la BLAH~   Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:22 am

found the hidden message! your SLEEPY!!!
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~LA La La la la BLAH~
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